Beane to Mets rumor is all that’s left to wonder about in moribund Queens

This was to New York, sir.Image: AP

How has September been treating the Mets?

Well, maybe they’ll soon be bringing back Billy Beane, 35 years after trading him — their former first-round pick — with Joe Klink and Bill Latham for Tim Teufel?

And, yes, of course, the Mets lost yet another one-run game, 4-3, to the Phillies. They’ve lost 15 of their last 17 one-run games, which, yeah, if they were even 8-9 in those games, New York would right now be sitting at 78-70 and a half-game ahead of Atlanta in the National League East.

You wonder if maybe a slightly better constructed roster and more active trade deadline could have helped the Mets? There’s the reason for the Beane rumor, because this Mets season, well, it’s all dust. It’s torched. It’s done.

They ‘both sides’d’ targeting

You know, not everything needs to be presented as a topic for debate.

G/O Media may get a commission

This might as well be a film strip shown on the first day of referee school.

Pick six! Err, four!

Some college football picks for the day? Sure, why not. The season record is 4-0, but remember, these are for entertainment purposes only, not because gambling is discouraged, but because they come with no information or research behind them whatsoever, except possibly (definitely) weird rooting interests.

  • No. 3 Oklahoma -22.5 at Nebraska
  • West Virginia -2.5 vs. No. 15 Virginia Tech
  • LSU -19.5 vs. Central Michigan
  • Rice +26 at Texas

What was once the furthest outpost on the old frontier of the west will be the furthest outpost of… maybe the Mountain West, once all the conference realignment shakes out? Houston certainly isn’t mountainous or even all that west, but they do have a huge airport with daily nonstop service to Honolulu.

Frustrated, incorporated

The Diamondbacks and Orioles each reached 100 losses for the year on Friday night. Misery really does love company.


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